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Best 11 Luxury Makeup for Party

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Best 11 Luxury Makeup for Party

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Parties are always special occasions and require special preparation. Preparing or getting started for a party is not just about wearing a nice dress or having a nice haircut or hairstyle. It is about having a luxury makeup. This is because makeup is one of the most important components of having the best look for the party. You may be bothered why I used the word luxury makeup instead of makeup. Yes, it was intentional, because a routine makeup is different from luxury makeup.

Luxury simply means something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity. So, therefore, the luxury makeup is different from the necessary routine makeup we go through. In doing makeup for parties, it must be luxury makeup and it must be done with care and the aim of perfection.

The main reason why the luxury makeup for party needs more attention and care is that the luxury makeup has to be bold and more dramatic. Extra effort and preparation will be done for a party luxury makeup to enable the makeup last longer on the face and to give the makeup room to withstand the whole party activities.

Another point that needs to be understood is that makeups are not just for the face alone. Makeups are products or substances that are used to enhance one’s aesthetic look or to enhance the body scent. So we will look at the facial makeup and the other makeups like the roller, the perfumes etc.

1. Cleansing the face

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The first step to getting the best result for luxury makeup for the party is to get the face prepared. Now coming to the point, how do you prepare the face?

The major step that needs to be carried out to prepare the face for the luxury makeup for the party is to cleanse the face. Just like paints won’t stay firm on dirty or rough walls, makeups won’t look good on a dirty or oily face. Cleansing the face is imperative to get rid of dirt and oils, if the party is a night party and you have makeup on from the day, you will definitely need to remove the makeup and wash your face before you start with the fresh makeup for the party.

2. Moisturizing the face

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The next step that needs to be taken is the moisturizing phase of the luxury makeup step for the party. The major reason why you need to moisturize is that after washing and cleansing the face, you will have washed away the oils present in the face, so the moisturizer helps in restoring the natural oil back to the face.

3. Applying the primer

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This is one of the most important points to get a luxury makeup look for a party. This is because of the role the primer plays. The role the primer plays is to make the makeup last longer and overcome party stress. The primer will keep you away from your makeup kit (will keep you from reapplying makeup).

4. Applying the foundation

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Allow the primer stay a little and then apply the foundation. Before applying the foundation, ensure the primer is dry.  Apply the foundation to your skin with the foundation brush or the hand.  A foam sponge can also be used for the luxury makeup.  Start with blending the foundation from the center of the face outward.  Blend the foundation with your neck too to avoid having a contradicting face and neck color which can disgrace you at the party.

5. Applying concealer

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Apply a concealer using the middle finger. Apply the concealer over the face and also highlight the concealer underneath the lower lid.

6. Using powder

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The luxury makeup look needs the use of powder. The powder helps reduce the oil level of your face and keeps your face cool always and it also helps absorb sweat that may result from the party stress.

7. Applying bronzer

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Apply your bronzer after the powder has been applied. If your skin is pale, just apply a little bit of the bronzer rather than skipping the bronzer because the bronzer is also important in achieving a luxury makeup look for the party. For the general face you are done, then move to the eyes.

8. Eye Makeup

A) Applying Eyelid Primer:

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For the eye, apply an eyelid primer. The primer will help the eyeshadow last longer. Apply eye shadows that suit and match with your skin complexion.

B) Applying Eyeshadow:

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To apply the eyeshadow, start with eyeshadow that has a neutral or light color. The lighter color should be used for the inner core of the eye, and a darker color for the outer corner of the eye.

If you do this in the right way, it will result in a smoky face which is the perfect match for fancy events and party.

C) Applying Eyeliner:

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Having used the eyeshadows appropriately, the next step is to apply the eyeliner. The type of eyeliner to be used is based on your choice. You can choose between a liquid or pencil eyeliner.

When using the eyeliner, start from the inner corner to the outer corner. You can use the eyeliner to create either a wing or cat eye since it is a party. Always choose black eyeliner for fancy parties.

D) Using Eyelash Curler:

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Use an eyelash curler to get the eyelashes prepared for the mascara.

E) Applying Mascara:

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Apply the mascara to give the eyes it final touch and look. Your mascara should suit your hair color. The mascara should be applied to the upper lashes then the lower lashes. At this point, you would have gotten the result for the best luxury makeup for the party. So all you need to add is the final touch.

9. Applying blush

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The reason why the blush is important in a party luxury makeup is that it prevents the face from looking paled and washed out in pictures. Blush your cheek apple so they will always give a radiant and bright look when smiling or when you are about taking pictures.

10. Moisturizing lipstick:

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Moisturize the lipstick so it won’t dry (mostly for long parties).

11. Using perfume and makeup spray

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Add perfumes and body spray to give you a nice and inviting smell, and finally use a makeup setting spray to help the beautiful and luxury makeup last longer. Avoid using a spray that contains alcohol if you have a sensitive skin.

I hope this article has been helpful on beautiful luxury makeup for the party.

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