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December 13, 2017
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How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally

dark lips

Lip is one of the most important organs of the face. It plays a vital role in keeping facial beauty intact. All human being especially women want a beautiful flaunt soft and pink lip. A pretty smile hides into a pretty lip. When the lip gets dark, it takes away the beauty of that smile. By maintaining some rule of daily life, you can get rid of dark lips very easily.

There are two types dark lips. One is from birth and another is caused by some daily activities and bad habits. Natural dark lips that someone gets from birth, he/she can’t lighten their lips. You can only polish your lip if you are in this category. There are some activities by which you can acquire dark lips: Smoking, hormonal imbalance, cosmetics reactions, sunburns, windburns, dead skin cells, taking excess caffeine like tea or coffee, aging, dry or chapped lips, huge lipstick using, not removing lipstick before sleeping, avoiding the rules of taking care of your lips properly and regularly etc.

It is very simple that you have spent a lot of money to get rid of your dark lips. Sometimes beauty products are not able to provide you a beautiful pinkish lip. In this case, you need to take care of your nails properly. There are many natural ingredients that have a very effective action against dark lips. Home remedies as well as natural ingredients are always effective, natural and do not harm the sensitive skin like lips. Here I am describing some home remedies by which you can get rid of the dark lips and ugly pigmentations.

1. Lemon Juice

dark lips

Lemon juice has the natural bleaching properties that are very effective to lighten dark lips. It can lighten the dark lips and at the time it fades the darkness and spots from the lips and skin. It has the exfoliating property on the skin as well as lip and lightens the color of lips bringing up new tones of the lip.     Just squeeze a lemon piece and directly apply and message its fresh juice over your lip. You can use the juice with sugar. Take a small and thin slice of lemon and sprinkle a bit of sugar on top of it and rub it on your lip. It will help to exfoliate the dead cells. After that fresh and new cell of the lip will appear. I recommend, repeat the process using every night before to go to bed and wait for one to two months to notice a progressive change.

2. Sugar

dark lips

Sugar is another ingredient that fights against dark lips. Sugar granules have the property to exfoliate skin. Exfoliation is an effective way to remove darkness, dead cells, dry skin and other dirt or impurities from the lip skin. To use this method just take two spoons of sugar granules and add a little water to make a thick paste. A mixture of sugar, lemon juice and honey forms an effective scrub that helps to attain a soft and smooth skin and lips. You can also use the thick paste of butter and sugar powder on your dark lips. Take three spoons of sugar powder and two spoons of butter and use the mixture as a scrub over your lips. Apply this beauty tip two or three times a week to get lighter lips.

3. Honey

dark lips

Honey contains a natural moisturizing ingredient that softens your lip and helps to restore natural pinkish effect. It can treat dark lips that turns dark with age and external factors. It also protects the lips against bacterial infections and sunburn as a result of sunburn from the sun. Apply the honey to your lips every night, let it dry and remain there all over the night. This process will give the lip with a pink glow. You can also make a paste with mixing one-half teaspoon of yogurt, honey and gram flour together and apply on your lips and wait for 30 minutes. Clean and wash it with lukewarm water. Apply this process once a day.

4. Beetroot

dark lips

Beetroot is an amazing natural collection that removes the dark effect of lips. It contains natural bleaching agents and has a reddish color. It does not remove the hyper-pigmentation from the lips but the color of it offers reddish tone on the lips. Take a root and cut into slices and blend them and apply on the lips. Leave it for a full night and your lips will absorb the juice from the beetroot paste. You can also take the same amount of carrots with beetroot, blend and squeeze the juice. Apply and massage gently and leave it for 10 minutes then wash with lukewarm water. Do this once or twice per week.

5. Cucumber

dark lips

Cucumber works as a natural skin lightener. It works the same on the lip. It is also perfect for removing dark circles around the eyes. Its skin lightening agent will make your lips lighter. Simply rub a slice of cucumber over the lips and your lips will absorb the juice. You can use the juice of it too by blending the cucumber. Before using it, keep it in the refrigerator then dip a cotton ball in the cool juice and apply on the lips. Keep it on the lips at least 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse it off.

6. Rose Extract

dark lips

Beauticians have been using rose for many years for different healing and beauty caring effect. Rose has three medicinal properties: soothing, moisturizing and cooling.  It also has the ability to provide your lip with pinkish color. It makes the lip mild and gives the lip rosy tint. For this, the lip will be looked moisturized and rosy. Mix one tablespoon of rose petals pest and one teaspoon of honey, butter or milk cream and apply it on your lips. Or, soak some rose petals in raw milk for one hour and grind the mixture to make the paste. Add one teaspoon of honey and a pinch of saffron to it. Apply the pate on the lips and wait for about 15 minutes. Do twice a day.

7. Olive Oil

dark lips

Olive oil contains many natural nutrients to nurture your lips. It has a moisturizing property that will help the lip soft and beautiful too. Just take some extra virgin olive oil and apply on the lip and massage gently.

8. Aloe Vera

dark lips

Aloe Vera is able to remove dark lips fast. It is rich gel in some compound that inhibits the production of darkness. It also provides the skin with healthy nutrients. Apply some aloe vera gel to the lip skin and wait for some time until it gets dry. Then rinse off the lip and use a lip bum.

9. Coconut Oil

dark lips

Coconut oil also helps to lighten and soften your dark lips. Its fatty content smoothes out, hydrate and moisturize the dry lips. Gather some coconut oil and simply apply onto the lips. Rub the lip skin with the fingertips for at least one minute and let the oil stay on the lip.  You can also apply the coconut oil on the dry lip before going to bed at night. This will let the lips glowing look and pinkish touch.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

dark lips

Apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acid that works as natural lightening agents. It removes the pigmentation from the lips. Mix the vinegar in the water and dab onto your lips with the cotton and let it dry. Rinse after 10 to 20 minutes with lukewarm water.

Don’t just follow the above topical tips. You must have to take care of your health to achieve beautiful lips. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water to avoid dehydration which also can cause dark lips. You are strictly prohibited from smoking. Always avoid using local brands lip products. Use a herbal lip balm. Eat fruit regularly. I think that is enough for getting rid of dark lips and welcome the lovely pink lips.

If you think you have more to learn then you can search for Google and Wikipedia.

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    I saw your tweet on makeup and thought to check your site. Impressive, looks like Luxury has come a long way. Keep the good work going.

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