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How to Do Manicure at Home

manicure at home

You are reading this article that’s mean you have thirst for beauty care. All of us want to have a beautiful hand but most of us don’t know the proper rule of a manicure. For this moving towards the salon to get a professional manicure is very common today. But a salon manicure is both expensive and time killing. Moreover, if you have a sensitive skin, you should avoid salon manicure, as the chemical based unknown products might harm your skin. So, you need to follow our essential tips for manicure at home to avoid costly and time killing service from the salon. Here I am discussing some useful and healthy way of manicure at home.

The Perfect Manicure at Home

Tools you will need: Be sure that you have the following tools in your collection first

manicure at home

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Remove Your Old Nail Polish

manicure at home

Remove you pre-used nail polish by using nail polish remover and cotton swabs or a cotton ball. Move the cotton ball from base to the nail tip. If you have an allergic reaction to your skin, perform this task carefully. After that wash your hand in soapy water and dry with the soft towel.

File the Nails

manicure at home

First, trim the nails if needed. Give a perfect shape using the nail filer. I recommend a round shape or a rounded square at the edge but you can apply your creative design ideas. Be careful with moving the filer. Start from one edge and move to the top of the nail.

Soak & Scrub

manicure at home

This task is the most important part of the manicure. Take some warm water in a bowl or place in the tub, careful if it is too hot. Add some cold water or wait for the comfortable temperature. Add some face cleanser in the water as soapy cleanser will dry the gentle skin and make the cuticles look worse. Wait for three minutes and soak as it is essential before trimming them. Be careful of over-soaking, as it damages the nail and skin. This process works like the therapeutic.

manicure at home

After soaking your hand it is time to apply a gentle scrub. Use a brush and clean the nails. You can also use the face exfoliator. Your dead skin will successfully be removed when you will complete scrubbing and exfoliating. Wash your hand with clean water and pat them dry.

Cleaning & Trimming the Cuticles

manicure at home

Cuticles stay on the bottom of the nails where the skin and fingernail cartilage meet. At first, dry your nails and apply a cuticle cream. Leave it for few seconds. Then using the cuticle pusher, also called an orange stick, push your cuticles gently. Never push them too far because that can hamper the nail growth or damage the cuticle and don’t cut the cuticles. You need to be slow and steady literally gentle while working with your cuticle. Using the nipper just nip off the free edges. Make sure you don’t force, rip, cut, tear, pull or lift the cuticles. I hope you know that the cuticles protect the nail bed from damage and bacteria.


manicure at home

Now take some moisturizing lotion or hand cream and massage your hand and cuticle portion till the lotion completely absorbed. Use an intensive lotion if you have very dry skin if not, any lotion will do. Rub it into and around the nails and let it soak in for minimum 30 minutes. Nail polish will not stick to the nails with moisturizer on them. So, take a cotton ball dipped in the nail polish remover and wipe the nails to remove the lotion.

Base Coat

manicure at home

Apply the base coat to all the nails end and let them dry for a few moment. Do this action before applying the nail color, preferably with the nail strengthening formula. This serves as a primer for the polish and keeps the polish last longer. It is a point at which you would the fake nails if you prefer. Wait till the coat completely dry before proceeding.

Apply Nail Polish

manicure at home

Choose a nail polish of your favorite color. Moving from the base of the nail to the tip apply the nail polish in smooth strokes. Start with one in the middle and then one on each side of the nails. To cover each of the nail three strokes are ideal. While applying nail polish always keep a tissue paper, soft towel or cotton ball dipped in the nail polish remover to you to fix any unexpected mistakes.

Dry the Polish

manicure at home

Wait for 10 to 15 minutes to dry the nail polish. Try not to move the nails too much. You can take help of fan for speed drying.

Apply the Top Coat

manicure at home

Apply a top coat in the same way as before. This will make the color of the nail last longer. This also protects the manicure from chipping and add an extra shine to the nails. Top coat also keeps the nails smooth, scratch-absorbing, hard and flake-resistant. Wait for 8 to 10 minutes to dry out and feel the appearance of the perfect manicure.

If you follow all the instructions and use the right tools, I hope you will able to give you a nice manicure. It is true that there is nothing wrong with the professional manicure, but knowing how to do manicure at home by yourself can save time and a lot of money!

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