How to Apply Acrylic Nails at Home

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How to Apply Acrylic Nails at Home

apply acrylic nails

Just a few days ago, nail polishing was the only method by which women decorated or painted their nails. But nowadays, the usage of acrylic nails has risen by a huge amount. Acrylic Nails, Artificial Nails or Fashion Nails whatever you say, they are always used for enhancing the beauty of your nails. It is no alternative moreover an extension that is applied to the top of natural nails of your hand. This choice of apply acrylic nails is perfect for them who want a long-lasting, solid and look of long of nails where they have a type of nails which break easily and the growth of the nails are very low or complexity in growing the nails.

Acrylic nails help to cover bad looking and unexpectedly short nails. They also help to wrap damaged, broken and weak nails that break easily. Literally, acrylic nails are appropriate for them who want their nails to give a long looking shape. It usually provides the natural nails an extra gorgeous looking as well as an extra protection. It also decorates the hands and the fingers appear longer which makes them look stunning.

You can collect your acrylic nail supplies from any beauty supply store or drugstore. Using acrylic nails enhances your overall appearance especially with your hand beauty and this process will be fulfilled with a small touch with nail polish shade, a few hand accessories and a little hand art.

Most beauty caring women used to go to a salon and apply acrylic nails. But this approach is not only time killing but also costly. By applying acrylic nails on your nails in your home you can save your money and time, at the same time you can get a creative touch and test your nails with different designs. Enough for the introduction let’s dig in how to apply acrylic nails at home.

Things you will need:

apply acrylic nails

Before starting applying the acrylic nails you will need the following tools:

  1. Nail file
  2. Nail cutter or clipper
  3. Acrylic nails
  4. Acrylic nail glue
  5. Primer pen (optional)
  6. Nail forms
  7. Monomer liquid
  8. Acrylic nail powder
  9. Small glass bowl
  10. Brush
  11. Toothpick
  12. Top coat
  13. Nail polish (optional)

We can divide all the steps into three major applying process:


There are several steps involved in applying the nails.

Step 1: Remove old nail polish:

apply acrylic nails

At first, remove any old nail polish that you applied on your natural nails before. You can use nail polish remover or nail file to remove.

Step 2: Trim, file and buff:

apply acrylic nails

Using a nail clipper trim your natural nails in your comfortable length. Be careful of not cutting them too short. Now swipe or buff of your nail surface using soft strokes with the file. Action against natural nails that are aggressive, abrasive can causes a great damage. Be extra careful on buffing the skin area.

Step 3: Determine the size and fit the acrylic nail tip:

apply acrylic nails

Choose a nail that matches the width and shape of your natural nail. Acrylic nails generally have a clear marking on the opposite side of the nails. Place the marking nail at the beginning of the natural nail. The acrylic nail will adjust with your natural nails when the marking point will meet the tip of the natural nail.

Step 4: Trim the bottom of the acrylic nail:

For this you have to keep the base of the acrylic nail near the middle of your natural nail. If it does not happen, file the base of your acrylic nail and keep it in the middle of your natural nail.

Step 5: Apply the acrylic nails with glue:

apply acrylic nails

Use glue to attach the acrylic nail with your natural nail. Actually, the clear portion on the opposite side of the acrylic nail is used for attaching it with the natural nail. When you apply the glue in the marking portion, stick the acrylic nail immediately with your natural nail to prevent the glue from drying.

Now, apply slight pressure for 10 seconds by holding the acrylic nail with the forefinger and thumb of your other hand on the area where the acrylic nail extends beyond the natural nail. This will help your nail to stick faster and better in the right place while the glue is still wet. Do not touch the area where the acrylic nail meets the natural nail. Repeat this process for all 10 fingers.

Step 6: Cut the nails:

apply acrylic nails

Then, resize and adjust the shape of your acrylic nails by cutting them with a nail cutter. You can use small household nail clipper for this purpose.

Step 7: File the base and tips of the acrylic nails:

apply acrylic nails

In this step, the outward-looking of the acrylic nail will be slightly raised. Where the fake nail end and natural nails begin will be quite conspicuous. File the base of the nail to get it to the level of your natural nail and file the tip to remove the unsmooth edges of the acrylic nails. Repeat this process for rest of the acrylic nails.

Now you see the differences between the filed acrylic nails and the nails waiting for filing. The filed nails will merge with the natural nails and you will no longer find the artificial appearance. Apply and repeat the process for all acrylic nails.


There are several steps involved in applying the acrylic

Step 1: Prime:

apply acrylic nails

We recommend to use a primer as it strengthens the acrylic nails as well as the join between the natural nails and the acrylic nails. A strong bond keeps them durable and firm.

Step 2: Select the nail forms:

apply acrylic nails

From the tray, choose the nails forms that will fit with your natural nails.

Step 3: Make the acrylic mixture:apply acrylic nails

Take some monomer liquid in a small glass bowl. Change the solution when you swap hand.








Step 4: Dip and swipe:

apply acrylic nails

Take a suitable and thin brush and dip into the monomer liquid. Wipe away any excess liquid into a paper towel. Then, one more dip into the brush in the powder and quickly swipe the brush in a single stroke through it.

Step 5: Apply the acrylic mixture on the nail forms

Apply the brush with the mixture on the base of a nail form and apply the form onto your nails immediately. Do the same process for all 10 process. It will take 1 to 2 minutes to dry each form.

Step 6: Remove the excess liquid

Remove the excess liquid dripping from the sides with a toothpick or any clean suitable thick tool.

Step 7: Remove the forms

Carefully and gently twist the forms to remove them after the acrylic mixture has dried.

Step 8: Filing

Now file the unsmooth edges at the tip of your nails.


To give the nails a smooth and glossy finished look apply the top coat into it. You can use a specialized acrylic gel top coat for this.

When the top coat will dry, you can apply some nail polish to enhance the extra looking of your nails. Don’t use any acetone nail polish that can cause a negative effect on the longevity and strength of your acrylic nails

Additional Tips:

  • Wash your hand and sanitize your nails with an antibacterial hand sanitizer before acrylic nail application process to prevent infection.
  • You can apply some cuticle oil to the base of the natural nails to moisturize then after applying the top coat in the final step of the process.
  • Be careful and cautious with your extra-sized nails as they can get caught in clothing and also other places and break off.

You can also visit google for more details and information.

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