Best 10 Natural Skin Care Routine for Women

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Best 10 Natural Skin Care Routine for Women

natural skin care

Who doesn’t want a healthy and attractive looking skin? We are all aware that a consistent natural skin care routine is a path to having radiant and a healthy skin. A skin care routine will help you achieve that but if you need perfection and something that won’t have a detrimental effect on the skin you should then opt for a natural skin care routine.  A lot of people go through skin care routine. They want to cleanse, tone and moisturize but they are trying to avoid some questionable ingredients in the skin care products that are being used for cleansing, moisturizing or toning.

I promise after reading this article you will be a fan of natural skin care routine and you will take know ingredients that can be used for natural skin care.  To follow any natural skin care routine, the first and most imperative step is to understand your skin type. Your skin type tells a lot. This is because if you have an oily skin, dry skin or the combination of both, you will need to know if you need more moisture or you need to avoid certain ingredients.

The main plus the natural skin care routine has is that you will not have issues of skin irritation that can occur from the conventional skin care products that are being used. Following the natural skin care routine will help in preventing skin breakouts and rashes.

1. Cleanse

natural skin care routine

Cleansing helps in removing sweats, dirt, and other pollutants that stay or accumulate on the skin.

The natural alternative for cleansing that may feel counterintuitive to use unlike oils.  The best natural cleanser for the face is the use of natural oils as cleansers for the face. Most of those that see this usually have a feeling that oil clogs the skin. But contrary to their opinion, oils help in dissolving the oils that have been built up in the skin. Naturally, irrespective of your skin type (whether dry or oily), the skin produces oil which helps to hydrate the skin, it also helps in protecting the skin. Most people feel that washing off oils from the skin will help in making the skin okay, but they don’t know that washing off the natural oil without complementing with a moisturizer will stimulate the skin to protect more oils in return. Using natural oils helps in removing dirt from the skin and also hydrating the skin.

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To use this method, get a small amount of natural oil (olive or coconut) and then massage the face for about 30 seconds and then open up the pores in your skin with a warm towel before applying the oil. Raw honey is another natural ingredient that can be used for cleansing the face.

2. Tone

natural skin care routine

Toning is another natural skin care routine that can be done naturally. Toning helps in removing residues that remain from cleansing the face. Apple cider vinegar is a natural ingredient that can be used for toning the skin. The cider vinegar contains malic acid that helps in maintaining the skin pH which can be caused by stress. It also has its antiseptic property.

Avoid using cider vinegar alone on the skin as it can have harsh effects on the skin. To avoid that, mix the cider vinegar with water in the ratio of 1:4 for sensitive skin, 1:2 for normal skin and 1:1 for oily skin. Lemon juice, tomato juice and rose water are another natural toners that can be used.

3. Moisturize

natural skin care routine

The major role that the moisturizer plays is to provide a protective layer that helps in locking moisture to keep the skin hydrated. Moisturizing the skin will give the skin a luminous effect and smooth appearance.

The natural alternatives for the moisturizers are the Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Avocado butter. These natural ingredients have a moisturizing effect and they help in locking moisture into the skin. Natural oils can also be used as the moisturizer. In using natural oils as cleansers, ensure you pay attention to the oil to know if the oil is comedogenic and if it is virgin or cold pressed oil.

4. Exfoliate

natural skin care routine

The major reason why this needs to be done is to remove dead skins and to clear out pores that are present in the skin. Exfoliating gives you a rosier look and stimulates skin cell circulation.

Natural alternative for exfoliating the skin include baking soda, coffee grounds, salt, sugar and ground almonds. Mix them with honey, oils or yogurts to exfoliate. And ensure you don’t exfoliate more than thrice in a week.

5. Use antioxidants

natural skin care routine

Use antioxidants like resveratrol to help you prevent aging skin.

6. Watch what you take

natural skin care routine

This is another funny but very important natural skin care routine. Always drink plenty amount of water daily and take fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid taking sugars.

7. Use eye creams

natural skin care routine

The main reason why this is added to the natural skin care routine is that the under eye area work hard because we blink more than a thousand times daily. We need to take extra care of the eye so therefore you can use products that contain malic acid (they can be gotten from apple juice).

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8. Stay away from harsh products

natural skin care routine

Harsh products that contain retinol and glycolic acid should be avoided in the daily routine.

9. Use Tea oils

natural skin care routine

Tea Tree oil is also known a melaleuca. Tea is very famous for its powerful antiseptic properties. The major reason why you need to use it is to help fight against redness and inflammation.

10. Use collagen protein

natural skin care routine

Collagen is a very important protein for our body. This is another natural skin care tip that needs to be done. It is a natural skin care supplement which helps in building skin cells. It also very important for our Blood and muscles.

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