Best Eyebrows Style for Women

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Best Eyebrows Style for Women

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The eyes are one of the most important parts of our face to express beauty. Eyes stay in front of our face and enhance the beauty of the face. These all parts of our body are GOD gifted but we can add a new dimension to them by practicing and maintaining some methods and rules. Here I will describe some eyebrows style that will help to raise the beauty of your eye as well as provide you a new look overall.

To fix your eyebrows style you have to follow some procedure. You cannot choose your eyebrows style by your own decision because the shape of your eyebrow is not one-size-fits-all like the haircuts. You have to focus on shape and dimension of your face to select a perfectly fitted eyebrows style. Even a perfect eyebrow style let you get away with wearing less makeup and at the same time, you will look younger. After getting a proper touch with my tips you will know how to shape your eyebrows based on specific face shape. If you have a perfect eyebrow, you will look fresh, young, healthy, rested and overall more attractive. All of us want nice looking eyebrows style but don’t know the proper way how to achieve them. Let’s dig in.

Eyebrows Style for Square Face Shape

A square face has the same width at jaw and forehead with a sharp square jaw line. It means that, if you have a harsh square line on your face that looks broader than usual then I can ensure you have a square face. Here I will discuss some tips of eyebrow shapes for the square face that will look gorgeous upon square faced beauty than making the square face broader.

I suggest three eyebrow shapes for those who have a square looking face which will greatly suit your face.

     1.Angled Eyebrow Shape:eyebrows style

There are two types of angled eyebrow shapes – hard angle and soft angle. The hard angled brow shape will give your face a young appearance and will make the face shape long. For this, people with a short face can apply this shape. Yet, this type can create a harsh look on a few. On the other side, the soft angled shape has a soft curve and have a low, medium and high arches.

How to achieve this shape?

Both hard and soft angled shapes of eyebrows style give the face a delicate look. This shape is just straight and curves gently around the top and down and the corner of the brows.

     2.Curved Eyebrow Shape:eyebrows style

This shape is also called ‘S’ shape. This brow shape is similar to the soft angled eyebrow shape that makes the face look longer than usual. It is the mingling of an angle and a curve.  This shape makes the eyebrow look like the alphabet letter ‘S’. So, it is called the ‘S’ shaped eyebrow.

How to achieve this shape?

The S shape has a medium to high arch. You should create a slight curve shape and keep the brows straight towards the nose to create the curve. This shape suits perfectly well on a square shaped face.

     3.Soft Angled Eyebrow Shape:eyebrows style

It is well-defined with the name but it remains rounded at the beginning. The angles of this shape are soft and not too sharp. You can keep low, medium and high arches as you wish. You can also choose a thin or thick angled brow shape and for a dramatic look, choose a high-angled brow shape. This shape provides more femininity to your face. For this, soft angled shape with small arches is considered the best shape. It is better to avoid choosing the sharp angle for the eyebrows.

How to achieve this shape?

This shape is straight with soft curves at the bottom and top of the brows. A light color brow pencil or brush can be helpful to achieve this shape.

Eyebrows Style for Round Face Shapeeyebrows style

You will able to make a round face appear less round by applying this eyebrow shape. Create an arch as high as you can applying lines that go more up and down the face. This process helps draw the eye up and down and lengthens it. Choose a shape that creates more vertical lines following a straight line to the peak of the brow. Always stay away from rounded brow shape because it will make the round face look more round

Eyebrows Style for Long Face Shapeeyebrows style

This brow shape will make the long face appear shorter. This is very simple shape because the final shape will be like a straight line. Just apply a straight horizontal line that stops the eye moving up and down the face. The horizontal shape appears the face shorter. A flat eyebrow shape accomplishes it.

Eyebrows Style for Heart Face Shapeeyebrows style

This shape will provide you with complete heart shape on your face using the point of your chin as the heart bottom and eyebrows as the two top of the heart. It also gives you a soft look with the beautiful heart shape. Round brow shape is the best for a heart-shaped face. The low arch rounded brow gives a natural look and the highly arched brow creates a dramatic look. The curve of the brow creates a soft, feminine and attractive looks and finally creates a heart looking shape of the face.

Eyebrows Style for Oval Face Shapeeyebrows style

This is the ideal shape of the face. So, the brows play no role in making the face appear more oval as it is already oval. The soft angled eyebrow shape is considered the perfect eyebrow shape. It goes straight up and then gently curves round at the top and down.

I hope this will be helpful for you. You can also follow our acrylic nail article.

To gather more knowledge search google.

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