The Best Daily Makeup Routines from the Experts

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The Best Daily Makeup Routines from the Experts

daily makeup routine

With the current trend and how people see things nowadays, we all believe having a good look is just about having lots of makeup or having the random daily makeup routines. Yes, you may be right, but honestly, it’s more than just using the makeup. It’s more of following the routines to achieve the perfect aesthetic look.

I am sure we all agree that following the right path will lead one to the right destination and good makeup routines will give the desired look.

I promise after reading this article on daily makeup routines you will thank me for writing on this.

To start with, we need to understand the fact that having piles of makeup does not mean you will actually get the desired result. Fine, to start with the first thing to consider is the products you have and the available kits.  I will be writing a standard daily makeup routine that will suit in for every makeup experts.

1. Application of foundation

daily makeup routines


Irrespective of the skin type, whether dry or oily, whether smooth or rough, the first step in makeup application for experts is the application of foundation. As the name implies, the foundation is the basis of a standard makeup application for experts. To apply the foundation, the best option is to use your liquid foundation brush but you can also use your hand to apply. Ideally, you will use your fingers to dab the foundation in four spots on your face and then use the foundation brush to blend. When using the brush on your forehead, brush back and forth.  When using the brush on the cheeks, brush down and away from the center of your face. When using the brush to blend the foundation on your chin brush back and forth.

2. Application of concealer

daily makeup routines

Most people make use of thick concealers that sometimes gives a cakey feeling under the eye. The trick that can be used in applying the concealer is to make the concealer blend smoothly. What you need to do is to add a drop of moisturizer to the brush before adding the product. The next step is to dab the concealer about 4 times under the eye. After dabbing, smooth with the brush, afterward, use the middle finger to dab underneath the face. When dabbing underneath the face, ensure you do it lightly.

The reason why one needs to use the finger to dab underneath the eye is that while dabbing, the finger produces more heat which will help blend the concealer and gives it a more natural finish. If this is done in the right way, you will experience a luminous skin.

3. Application of powder

daily makeup routines

For every daily makeup routine, the powder is as more important than any other stage. The powder will help absorb sweat and also beautify the face. Avoid using the wrong brush to apply the powder. I will advise you use a kabuki brush and apply the powder in a circular motion. If the powder is applied in the right way it will buffer into the skin and give the skin a natural look.

4. Application of the bronzer

daily makeup routines

This stage is one of the mind-blowing stages in the daily makeup routine. Most people get confused on how to use the bronzer to get the best result due to the contouring effect. To get the best you need to avoid the excess contouring during the day if you really want it to be part of your daily makeup routine. This is because the contouring is meant for poor lightning on a stage or for a night out. Another point is to avoid using the wrong brush when applying the bronzer.  A large fluffy brush would be a very good option for the bronzer application.

To use the brush effectively, swirl the brush in the product and tap the brush to get rid of excess bronzer.  To apply the bronzer, start with the cheeks and sweep the brush up and down. While sweeping with the brush, ensure you start the sweeping from the outer part of the cheek. Repeat this for the other cheek. After you are done with the cheek finish with the forehead, chin and finally with the neck.

5. Application of blush

daily makeup routines

Blush is an essential makeup item that needs to be part of the daily makeup routine to give a pretty and youthful glow. Most people make the mistake of wrong blush application or apply the blush on the wrong areas.  Color and texture are other important features that must be considered when using a blush.

When applying the blush, the easiest and quickest way is to sweep the brush through the powdered blush and blend. Ensure you use a fluffy brush to apply the blush.

Note: In case you are using a liquid blush, dab and blend the liquid blush with your finger or use a makeup sponge.

Also, some people make the mistake of using a translucent powder to blot excess blush. But experts will make use of tissue. To apply the blush, smile and apply to the apples of your cheeks to give a perfect and round face. When applying, apply in a circular motion.

6. Daily makeup routine for the eye

daily makeup routines


If you have gotten the blush application perfectly, the next point in the daily makeup routine for experts is the eye. It is very easy to learn a simple eye daily makeup routine for experts. The first point I will start with is the eyelid. Use a fluffy shadow brush to apply the product on the eyelid. When applying products on the eye, always choose a taupe color and avoid the products to touch the cheek.

daily makeup routines

The next in the daily makeup routine is the application of the eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner with an angled brush, you can also add a bit of water and power line.

Apply the facial mascara on the lashes.

7. Painting the lip

daily makeup routines

And the final point of concern is to give a touch to the lip. The last step which is not the least is the lips. For daily makeup routines for the lip, I will advise you use lipsticks that are pink in color or combination of light pink lipsticks. Most people get this stage wrong when applying lipstick for their daily makeup routine. Some apply lipstick in excess or some get the combination wrong. To use the lipstick, simply dab the lipstick on the bottom lips and rub both lips together to get a hint of color. After applying the lipstick, you then add the lip gloss to help bring out the color of the lipstick a bit more.

I hope this article has been helpful.

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