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Benefits of Writing a Guest Post:

We found that many bloggers would love the chance to write a guest post, but are unsure of what to write. By signing up to be considered as a guest contributor, you’ll have the chance to select from possible topic ideas, keyword phrases or headlines.

* We will accept a short bio introducing yourself & possibly addressing your interests in beauty and expertise (if any).
* You will get a permanent Backlink on your website.
* We will Publish your name as an Author on our website.
* We can Publish 10 post of the same company in one month.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

* Post should be 100% Unique.
* We don’t accept any article those are Rewritten/Spinned.
* Grammatical and Plagiarism error should not be accepted.
* Posts should be around 1000 words.
* You should have to send minimum 4 picture.
* Article should be Search Engine Optimized (SEO).
* Picture Must Be Unique Stok Photos and around 1000 pixels.
* NO Labels or 3rd party Name are accepted on the pictures.
* We are looking for guest posts like those topics. Example: Beauty, Skin Care, Hair Care, Fashion, makeup, tutorials, videos, tips etc.

Guest Posting Agreement:

  • By submitting your article to be posted on Luxury Beauty Makeup, you are agreeing to have read all of the guidelines.
  • Articles that are published are the property of Luxury Beauty Makeup, and should not be posted elsewhere.
  • I reserve the right to edit submissions (correcting grammatical/ spelling errors and awkward or run-on sentences).
  • Photos submitted may or may not be enhanced for color accuracy.

Important note: All the articles are manually reviewed by our moderator team. So, If your article is not passed by our moderator team, your article should not be published.

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