How to Stop Hair Breakage and Shedding

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October 24, 2017
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How to Stop Hair Breakage and Shedding

stop hair breakage

Hair breakage is not a disease because it is a natural phenomenon that happens to almost everybody on earth. After reading this article you will thank me for writing on this and you will find the best tip on how to stop hair breakage. To start with research has shown that an almost everybody will lose an average of 150 strands of hair daily.  The average number of hair strands loosed per day depends solely on one’s sex and age.

If you notice you are losing more than that per day then you need to read this article and follow the steps in this article. Following the steps and procedures that will be explained in this article on how to stop hair breakage will result in a lush looking hair that is free from breakage.

To start with, the first tip I will explain is maintaining a healthy hair care routine. Honestly, the easiest way to stop hair breakage is to maintain a healthy hair care routine. This simply means avoiding mistakes in our hair care routine. Hair care routine simply involves how we comb our hair, how we dry our hair, how often we use conditioners, shampoo, and other chemicals. So making mistakes in these steps may lead to hair breakage but following the routines in the right way will make your hair look shiny, lush and healthy.

Removing dead ends or split of hairs

stop hair breakage

Splitting hairs

Most people believe that removing split or dead ends will not make the hair grow properly. But rather it will help your hair grow stronger and thicker. Cutting this dead ends or split ends will reduce the chance of making your hair dry and brittle.

Splitting ends of the hair make the hair look rough and at the long run may require one to cut the whole hair to get rid of them. To avoid the risk of cutting the full hair trimming ½ or ¼ inch of the hair every three to four months will help get rid of the dead hair end. In trimming the dead end of the hair all you need is sharp scissors or you may visit your hair stylist to help.

Avoid using brush on wet hair

stop hair breakage

Stop brush on wet hair

It’s an undisputed fact that the hair is in a weak state when it is wet. So brushing the hair when the hair is wet will definitely lead to hair loss from hair breakage.

So it’s advisable to use wide cobs with the wide tooth to comb the hair when the hair is a little bit wet. The wide-toothed comb will move freely within your hair and will help stop hair breakage.

Avoiding the use of chemicals

stop hair breakage

Avoid chemicals

Research and studies have shown that using chemicals may result in hair breakage. So it’s advisable to use herbal and organic that contains less chemical.

Reduce the proximity of your hair to heat

stop hair breakage

Reduce proximity to heat

This is another tip that most people don’t take cognizance of. Application of high heat or frequent application of heat to the hair can cause breakage and damage to the hair. Ensure you don’t use flat irons, hot rollers, blow dryers etc. on daily basis, but if need permits that you use any of them, don’t use more than once in a week.

At last my one recommendation for this tip: Air-dry the hair naturally and avoid using hot water on the hair.

Avoid exposing the hair to too much sunlight

stop hair breakage

Avoid exposing

Exposing the hair to too much sunlight makes the hair weak and it also results in hair breakage. So, therefore, it is advisable to avoid exposing the hair to sunlight to stop hair breakage that may result from that.

Don’t wash your hair too much

stop hair breakage

Don’t wash hair too much


Washing the hair too frequently deprives the hair of the natural oil present. Washing the hair on a daily basis may result in dry hair which means the hair is prone to breakage.

Another recommendation for this tip: Avoid washing your hair daily except if you have super oily or greasy hair.

Moisturize the hair

stop hair breakage

Moisturize the hair

Research and studies have shown that hairs that are well moisturized are less prone to hair breakage that may result from dryness. It’s advisable to use the deep conditioner for the hair.

Note: Moisturizing the hair is an important, essential and vital regime to stop hair breakage.

Leave the hair in a relaxed state

stop hair breakage

Relaxed state of hair

Avoid packing the hairs with rubber bands as they can cause hair breakage. Pulling and tightening the hair into ponytails, buns and braids can also lead to stop hair breakage.

Stopping hair breakage by good nutrition

stop hair breakage

Nutritive food

I can say categorically that if one follows all the steps and tips stated above and one does not take balanced diet then one may not get a perfect result.

Just like every other part of the body needs proper nutrition, the hair also needs proper nutrition. It’s an undisputed fact that eating healthy and balanced diet will make the hair grow thicker and stronger.

Note: Consume diets like fish, fruits, vegetables, lean meat etc. This is because they are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and protein which are needed for hair growth.

Home remedies

stop hair breakage

Home remedies

This includes home treatments that may be carried out at home. A very good home treatment is the hot oil treatment which can be done once or twice in a week.  Doing this will help in keeping the hair moisturized.

How is the oil treatment being carried out?

stop hair breakage

Oil treatment

Pour 5 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a bowl and warm using a microwave for few seconds and place the warm olive oil in a bowl of water to allow it cool a little. This is to prevent the oil from burning the scalp.

Apply the oil to the hair and leave for few hours, and then wash with shampoo. It’s advisable to apply a conditioner after using the shampoo.

If you are finding it difficult to go through this, the get pre-packaged oil treatments in stores or online for your hair.

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