How to Apply Makeup for Beginners

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September 15, 2017
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How to Apply Makeup for Beginners

how to apply makeup

Most people have the makeup but the major problem that is being faced is how to apply makeup. Once you know how to apply makeup, then you will have no problem regarding the use and application of makeup. To start with, I will like to give a summary before giving the step by step routine.

The summary of how to apply makeup involves cleansing the face; the next step is to moisturize the face. After doing that you can then make use of the foundation (use shades that will match with your skin tone). Then you can add a concealer and blend, after doing that, you then move to the eye. Apply the eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Use the lipstick and blush.

The step by step of applying makeup:

Step-1: Remove any old makeup

how to apply makeup

The key principle that must be considered in the step by step routine of how to apply makeup is applying the makeup on a clean face. Just like the way paints won’t work out well on a rough wall, makeups too won’t work on a rough face. If you slept with your makeup on, ensure you wash the makeup off. If you apply makeup on an old makeup, it will result in a cakey and unnatural look. Another thing that must be considered is the role of the cleansers to help prevent clogging and irritation.

A makeup remover or baby oil can be used to remove residues that may be left after cleaning the face. It’s advisable to always remove makeups at the end of the day to avoid clogging the pores.

Step-2: Wash the face

how to apply makeup

The major reason why the face needs to be washed is to complement the effort that has been done in removing old makeups.  Facial cleansers are the perfect option to choose for washing the face. The cleansers will help to get rid of dead skin and bacteria. After applying the cleansers, use cool water. After that has been done, regardless of your skin type; add a moisturizer to help restore the natural oil in the face.

Step-3: Prime your face

how to apply makeup

This is the next step in the step by step procedure of how to apply makeupBefore makeup is added to the face, priming the face is very important. The main reason why the face primer is used is to enhance the appearance of the makeup and to make the makeup last longer.

Step-4: Apply the foundation

how to apply makeup

Irrespective of the type of foundation, the application of all foundations is the same. The major reason for applying the makeup is to have an even base for applying the makeup. If the foundation is liquid, cream or powdered, make use of foundation brush to apply the foundation to the face and blend to the neck and earlobes. It’s always advisable to use foundations that have got the same color as the natural skin tone.

You can also use a concealer brush to apply extra foundation to cover up some blemishes that are still visible. Fingertips can also be used in the application of liquid foundation to bring out the best. But when using the fingertips ensure the finger is clean because the fingers can add bacteria to the face and will result in skin breakout.

Step-5: Apply the concealer

how to apply makeup

The next step on how to apply makeup is to apply the concealer.  The major reason for applying the concealer is to even out uneven skin tone. Use concealers that have shades that are lighter than the skin color. A concealer brush is a perfect tool to apply the makeup. Another point when using the concealer is to blend the concealer so it matches with the foundation shade.

Step-6: Apply the highlighter

how to apply makeup

This is the next step on how to apply makeup after the foundation and concealer.  If the foundation has been applied well, the highlighter is to brighten the face and the deepest corner of the eyes. The highlighter can be the powder highlighter or cream highlighter. What both do is to brighten the face.

Step-7: Add depth and contouring to the face

how to apply makeup

This is a crème step in the process of how to apply makeup. This step is doing the opposite of what the highlighter has done. It involves adding powders that are darker than the actual skin color to give a minimized look.  The cheekbones, jawline, near the hairline, side of the nose are the major parts of the face that need to be contoured.

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The contour will make your appearance look thinner. After applying the contour, the bronzer can be used to add color to the face. A bronzing brush (preferably big) can be used to buff the bronzer over the contoured face. This is the last step regarding how to apply makeup for the face.  The blush should be applied just to replenish the natural look.

Step-8: Fill in the eyebrows

how to apply makeup

I can’t really say this is compulsory, but I will advise those with thin or sparse eyebrows to do this. This step involves outlining the edges of the face and filling the center with small strokes using the eye pencil, powder or pomade. After this, I will also highlight other steps that need to be followed to complement the makeup. These steps are for the eyes and lips.

For the eye, you apply the eyeshadow primer (optional), you then apply the eyeshadow itself. After the application of the eyeshadow, the next step on how to apply makeup is to apply the eyeliner and finally, you give the eye a finishing touch with the use of the mascara.

How to apply makeup for the lips 

The first step here is to smooth out the lips using a lip balm, primer or sealer. Apply the lip liner that matches your lip color perfectly. Then finally, apply the lipstick or lip gloss using a brush or straight from the tube.

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