How to Take Care of Natural Hair

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How to Take Care of Natural Hair

How to Take Care of Natural Hair

I am sure we all love to take good care of our natural hair. I promise after reading this article you will understand the basics of taking care of one’s natural hair. To start with how to take care of natural hair, most people don’t understand what natural hair is. The natural hair simply means one’s hair without any artificial hair like wigs, attachments and other form of synthetic hair. Natural hairs are also hairs that are free from chemicals and relaxers.

You may be having difficulty in managing your natural hair either because you are just transforming from relaxed hair to natural hair or because you are used to wearing wigs and other synthetic hairs. These difficulties are being faced day to day and most difficulty faced by people transitioning usually includes complaints of hair dryness and breakage. The simple tip to take good care of the natural hair is to always moisturize the natural hair. Moisturizing the natural hair makes the hair balanced.  Another point that must be known is that when moisturizing the hair, avoid over-moisturizing the hair. The main reason why natural hair needs to be moisturized is to keep the hair balanced. Over-moisturizing of natural hair with products that contain high petroleum may weigh down the natural hair.  The first and most imperative step is to have a healthy and natural hair is a healthy scalp. The tip to having a healthy scalp is drinking plenty amount of water. Also, some home remedies can also be done to stimulate the growth of natural hair and to make the hair healthy. Home remedies include using lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

How do you use this home remedy?

take care natural hair

All you need to do is to mix the lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil together and then add to the scalp. This remedy will help in conditioning the hair; it will also help to get rid of dandruff.

Another home remedy is using raw eggs. How do you use raw eggs? Crack few eggs and scramble into a bowl and use on the hair. Allow the egg to coat the hair, this egg help in giving the hair instant protein. Another home remedy is spreading mayonnaise on the hair and allowing the mayonnaise to stay on the hair for about 12 minutes to allow it to condition the hair. To add to this, it’s advisable to wash the hair with warm water after using any of these treatments explained above to yield a more effective result.

In addition to using these home remedies that have been explained above, another home habit is sleeping using pillowcase made of silk. The main reason why you need to sleep using silky pillowcase against cotton pillowcase is that cotton pillowcase sucks the moisture in the natural hair.

Hair breakage problem

Another problem faced by people with natural hair is hair breakage. The question is how do I take care of my natural hair to avoid hair breakage?

The major cause of hair breakage can be due to too much exposure to sunlight, using dyes on the hair, exposure of the hair to heat and constant use of flat iron. To reverse this damage that may be caused by the reasons stated above all you need to do is to apply ½ cup of honey to the hair and allow the honey stay on the hair for about 25minutes.

Research and studies have shown that using honey on natural hair is a very good way to take care of natural hair. The major way to take care of a breaking natural hair is to trim the hair. Doing this gives room for the hair rebirth. Trimming the hair regularly will help get rid of dead hair ends. Most people believe that since they have been keeping the hair for months or years, they can’t afford to trim an inch off the hair. My point is that ensure you trim the hair, simply because a long hair does not necessarily mean the hair is healthy. This is because the healthy hair is the hair root and not the length of the hair.

Another tip or step that can be followed to take care of natural hair is styling the natural hair. Though styling natural hair seems difficult, it helps in maintaining the hair. Also, to take care of natural hair, try to avoid curling or flat ironing of natural hair. The only situation where curling or flat ironing of the hair can be done is when the curling or flat ironing is done moderately or with the correct moisturizing habit. Bobby pins can also be used to pin the curls to avoid retain the curl at night. Using the silk scarf to protect the hair before sleeping is another way to take good care of the natural hair.


Finally, normal hair routines will also help in how to take care of natural hair.

Normal hair care routine includes:

  • Combing the hair with a wide opened comb.
  • Avoiding the use of the brush on wet hair.
  • Using a good moisturizer on the natural hair.
  • Sleeping with a silky pillow etc.

I want us all to believe that all-natural hairs are good if we can use the right remedies and if the tips stated above can be followed in the right way. Also, those that don’t have natural hairs can apply the tips to make their hair better. This is because both natural and chemical treated hairs experience hair breakage or hair damage. Trim your hair; take care of the scalp because it is where the hair root lies. Avoid overexposing the hair to sunlight, avoid over-washing or overexposure of the hair to water.

After doing all this, there is 100% assurance that you will have a good, lush, beautiful, glowing and well cared natural hair. I hope this article has been helpful on how to take care of natural hair.

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