How to Whiten Teeth Naturally at Home

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December 23, 2017
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How to Whiten Teeth Naturally at Home

whiten teeth naturally

Today, I am writing on how to whiten teeth naturally at home. Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful smile with white and sparkling teeth? But there are some people who want to conceal their teeth due to the yellow appearance of the teeth. It is really an embarrassing situation. Having white teeth is very important today because our culture is getting increasingly fascinated with the glassy white teeth. Teeth are the sign of good health as well as confidence which generally people notice first. So, if you are of yellow appearance or spotted teeth, that proves you are not careful of yourself.

It is true that we all want to have the sparkling teeth’s smile. The sad news is that some bad habits deprive them of having the white teeth though brush the teeth regularly. Drinking excessive coffee or tea, smoking, taking tobacco products can cause stained teeth. Sometimes, yellow or brown tined teeth can be a symptom of the larger problem, like – thinning enamel, unhealthy gums, and overall poor dental hygiene. Good news is that you can whiten teeth naturally by following some methods at home.

Reasons behind yellow teeth:

There are some reasons behind yellow or brown spot teeth:

  1. Taking Coffee or Tea
  2. Smoking
  3. Aging
  4. Having Poor Diets
  5. Antibiotic Use
  6. Excessive Fluoride Intake
  7. Genetic Factors

Methods of whitening teeth naturally:

   1. Applying Oil Pulling

whiten teeth naturally

Oil pulling is a remedy that improves oral hygiene and also removes the harmful toxins from the body. Bacteria living in the mouth turns into plaque and cause your teeth to look yellow. Swishing oil around the mouth can keep you stay away from it. You can use sunflower or sesame oil for oil pulling, but any oil will work. Coconut oil is very popular in this case. It has a pleasant taste and also some additional health benefits. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that is well known for reducing inflammation and killing bacteria. You can claim your teeth as brighter and whiter after regular oil pulling. Take one tablespoon of coconut oil in the mouth and push and pull through teeth. This oil is solid at the room temperature so you may need to wait for a few seconds to melt. Continue this pulling process for 15 to 20 minutes.

   2. Brushing and Flossing

whiten teeth naturally

This is definitely the best way to whiten teeth naturally. It is true that it is probably not always the easiest to simply brush your teeth after drinking or eating food. Brushing and flossing can be kind of difficult depending on where you are at the time of eating. It can be, you are in school or work etc.

Flossing removes the foods and bacteria that turns the teeth into plaque, which makes the teeth look darker and dull.

Telling again, avoiding drinking too much coffee, tea or soda, smoking cigarettes and avoiding tobaccos improve your oral hygiene and eating healthy food help prevent yellow teeth. If you do regularly drink cold drinks like Coca-Cola or staining beverages, drink them through a straw so that it avoid touching the teeth. Drink more plain water after eating or drinking something staining or acidic for reducing negative effects. If you are a smoker or regular coffee and/ or tea drinker, you can pretty much count on having yellow and/ or brown colored teeth due to thinning enamel. Try some natural remedies listed here besides having cleaning your teeth every three months.

   3. Applying Baking Powder

whiten teeth naturally

You might know the properties of baking powder if you read my previous article: How to get rid of pimples and acne. However, it has the natural whitening properties, that’s why it’s a popular ingredient in commercial toothpaste. It creates an alkaline environment in the mouth that prevents bacteria from growing. Baking powder is not an ingredient that will whiten your teeth overnight but you will catch the change in the appearance of your teeth over time. It is proved that toothpaste containing baking soda is more active and effective at removing yellow stains from teeth than the toothpaste without baking soda. Also, toothpaste with baking soda removes plaque from teeth than the toothpaste without baking soda. Just add 2 teaspoons of water with 1 teaspoon of baking powder and brush your teeth as the paste. Use it several times per week.

   4. Applying Apple Cider Vinegar

whiten teeth naturally

The apple cider vinegar has the property of natural antibiotic and teeth/gum cleanser. It is also capable of removing the stubborn stains on the teeth. It is also capable of removing the stains caused by nicotine (smoking) and coffee. Apple cider vinegar has also the bleaching effect on the teeth and it may soften the teeth. You can also use it as a mouthwash. Dilute it with water and swish it around in the mouth for several minutes and afterward rinse your mouth with plain water.

Apple cider vinegar contains compound including acetic acid, magnesium, potassium, probiotics and enzymes, which kill germs (“bad” bacteria) and at the same time foster the beneficial (“good” bacteria) probiotic bacteria. The pH of the apple cider vinegar removes stains from teeth that helps whiten teeth naturally.

   5. Eating Fruits and Vegetables

whiten teeth naturally

There are some fruits and vegetables that can be useful for both body and teeth. This process has been working from the very ancient time. The time when toothpaste wasn’t invented from then people have been eating crunchy and raw fruits and vegetables. This activity has worked automatically and naturally. Fruits and vegetables help rub plaque away. As an example, you can use strawberries and pineapples to help whiten your teeth.

whiten teeth naturally

Strawberry: The mixture of strawberries and baking soda has the natural whitening property. Though this remedy has not been fully backed up by science, you can use it for whitening your teeth. The malic acid of the strawberry works against the discoloration of the teeth and the baking soda buffs away stains. The mixture produces very little color change in teeth. If you decide to use this method, limit it to a few times per week. Excessive use can cause damage to the tooth enamel. To use this, smash a fresh strawberry and combine it with baking soda and brush the mixture on your teeth.

whiten teeth naturally

Pineapple: Some claim that toothpaste containing bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple is more effective at removing tooth stains than a standard toothpaste. There is no scientific evidence that eating pineapples produce the same effect.

Some fruits have the properties to whiten the teeth. Regularly eating raw fruits and vegetables helps to rub off plaque and keep your teeth looking bright.

So, that’s it. I think it will be helpful to whiten teeth naturally at home by yourself.

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