How to Do a Smokey Eye Makeup for Party

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How to Do a Smokey Eye Makeup for Party

Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup is the signature of glamorous beauty and one’s confidence and everybody must love to acquire it. If you want to approach with a signature makeup look, smoking eyes is a nice way. It is very important for the smokey eye to apply the makeup in the right technique and on the right occasion. Because everything has its right time and place. Such as if you wear a deep black smokey eye in the day heavily, I think you will look horrible and homeless person. So, not knowing the proper and right techniques of application, all of your efforts will end in a disaster.

The actual process of applying eyeshadow need some skill literally. But you will be happy to hair that this post contains 5 smokey night makeup tutorials. These tutorials are easy-to-follow and surely brighten up your eyes in the party. So, let’s grab these tricks.

Top 5 Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

1. Black Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye

The black smokey is both classic and perfect. It will provide you with an outstanding appearance for a night out at the club. For starting makeup your eyes you must need primer, concealer, black eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, black liner, mascara and eyeshadow brushes. To apply black smokey eye makeup you have to follow some procedure. You should always start with a clean base for this. Apply a primer as it allows the makeup stay longer and makes it easier to blend the eyeshadows. Then use a concealer under your eyes and on the eyelids to even out any discoloration. Now pack on a black eyeshadow to the outer corner and into the crease.

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Next, blend out the eyeshadow to avoid any harsh lines. You can pack more color for more intensity if you need. Apply a gel or pencil liner close to the lashline and smudge it out to blend it with the existing black eyeshadow. Take the eyeliner in the crease and deepen it if you want to create an intense look. Just make sure that you blend it out well. Now take the eyeliner under the eyes and smudge it out for a smokey effect. At last, use and apply your favorite volumizing mascara, and you are ready to go!

2. Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye

Gold smokey can provide a great holiday look. It also looks fabulous for weddings. To start with this eye makeup you will need primer, concealer, gold eyeshadow, black liner, dark brown eyeshadow, fake lashes, mascara and eyeshadow brushes. First, prepare the primer and conceal the eyelids. Use cream gold eyeshadow base as it will make the gold pop out more when you add the powder eyeshadow. Now pack on the gold eyeshadow and blend. Next, take the dark brown eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corner and take into the crease to create depth. Then apply the gold to the middle of the lid and the brown in the outer corner as you favorite intensity. Afterward, apply the gold eyeshadow to the lower lashline and follow up the black liner on the lower waterline. Apply the eyeliner to the upper lash line and flick out. At last, apply the fake lashes and finish up with mascara to complete and enhance the look.

3. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye

This eye makeup is painted in a way that the color intensity remains lite. For this, it is suitable to ware in the day. It’s a misconception that smokey eyes have to be strong. This uses a light color and the black color in it isn’t so intense. You will need primer, concealer, lilac shimmery eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, dark purple eyeshadows, peachy-pink eyeshadow, black liner, mascara and eyeshadow brushes.

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Start the whole process with the lilac shimmery eyeshadow as the base color. Then pack on some black color to the outer corner and blend it out to avoid any harsh line. Apply a slightly darker shade of purple in the middle of the eyelid to paint with a smooth transition between the black and the lilac and blend to get flawless. Now with a fluffy brush paint a peachy pink shade to apply above the crease for a natural gradient. And for the lower lash line apply eyeliner and smudge it out for a smokey effect. After that paint your lashes and give a fuller look. At last, apply the mascara and you will find your desired look fully done.

4. Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye

For this makeup, at first, you will need a primer, concealer, dark-brown eyeshadow, bronze eyeshadow, nude eyeliner, gold eyeliner and a mascara. To apply it first start with a bronze eyeshadow over the eyelid. Again apply the same eyeshadow and apply to the lower lash line. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow and use the liner brush to create a smudged outline close to the lash line. Apply the same process for the lower lash line. Then, to get your desired intensity apply more bronze eyeshadow. Afterward, with a nude eye pencil run along the lower lash line for a brighter eyes appearance. Add and apply eyeshadow as need and blend out to avoid any harsh line. Now add some shimmery highlight to the inner corner using a gold eye pencil or an eyeshadow. At last, enhance the final appearance applying a nice coat of mascara.

5. Silver Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye

To apply this makeup you will need a primer, concealer, cream based silver eyeshadow, black eyeliner, highlighter, mascara and an eyeshadow brush. At first, apply primer and concealer to prepare the eye for the makeup. In this step use the silver cream based shadow on the freshly concealed and primed eye and apply a black eyeliner to the outer corner. Blend it towards the middle and into the crease. Afterward, paint the lower and upper lash line with a black liner and create a smokey look by smudging it. Highlight the brow bone with the highlighter. Now apply and pack more items if you need to intensify the silver color more. At last, blend and finish with a good mascara. Look at the mirror to watch the awesome look.

So, these are the most popular tutorials for smokey eye makeup. You can also try eyebrows style.

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